Character Initiative

Social, emotional, and character development (SECD) has been a key component of school at Remington Elementary School for several years. It was a focus of Redesign during our last accreditation cycle and is currently a component of our KESA accreditation process. The staff recognizes that when students are socially skilled, emotionally healthy, and character-driven, they will simply learn better and be more prepared for life at the next academic level and in life beyond school. These young, formative years for kids are the perfect time to begin creating positive life views, strong social skills, and responsible habits that will help them be successful as they age up. We believe that both learning and behavior improve where there is mutual caring among students, staff, and community.

The materials we use for our Character Initiative are from Core Essential Values. While our Core Values come from the Core Essential curriculum, we have students define what it looks and sounds like to TREAT OTHERS RIGHT, MAKE SMART DECISIONS, & MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL. Take a look at what traits we are learning about and practicing this year!